Images of Stone Sculpture in Eastern Honduras

One of the amazing things about sites in eastern Honduras is the amount, and variety, of stone sculpture found– right on the surface. Stone sculptures from this area are the first identifiable artifacts from Honduras collected by European museums…

Archaeology of the Mosquito Coast

Here are a number of images of the impressive stone sculpture found all throughout eastern Honduras. Sites in more remote locations, where they have not been picked over as much by nearby residents, often have dozens or hundreds of small metates, or grinding stones. The region is famous for the large grinding stones, which are very elaborate and possibly served as seats of power or thrones. We don’t know the dates for all of these types of stone artifacts, but the larger metates most often occur with Period V pottery (Late Classic, probably 800 to 1000 AD).

smallmetates1 Don Faustino and Linton, Pech from Subirana and El Carbon, hold up two small metates at a site along the Rio Platano. Almost every one of the larger sites has dozens or more of these, although those sites nearer to a village have often been looted heavily.

2010 338 Dozens of small metates along the…

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One thought on “Images of Stone Sculpture in Eastern Honduras

  1. Amazing! I’ve been a closet archeologist for many years and hope to go on a dig one day #BucketList Looks like you’re living the dream. I look forward to reading more.


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